Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jake Got Wild With Bear


So I got so distracted by the day-earlier-than-expected arrival of my copy of A Dance With Dragons that I rushed home and dove into that and totally spaced on the fact that Jake's episode of Man vs. Wild was on last night! (prev. post) Thankfully the DVR should've captured it and I'll watch it tonight, but for now some kind soul went and gave us these wonders, promises of what I have in store.

Did anybody watch it? Apparently, unsurprisingly, blessedly, it involved them taking off some clothes in the freezing cold. Thank you, Bear Grylls. I owe you one.




Justin said...

That's so hot! Jake never gets old.

Glenn said...

Okay, so I get that Bear Grylles is hunky, but he's a mad Christian Jesus freak! No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wait, there's a Bear in those pics? All I saw was shirtless Jake.

Legend Rivera said...

I love Jake as much as the next guy, (I'll never throw away that lip balm) but I still don't understand why he was on the show?

Ratings? Prep for movie? Man crush on Bear?