Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've Seen The Future, Brother...

Miranda July is some terrible aberration. A freak. A horror show! I mean this all in the best way, naturally. Because I mean it in reference to the well-established lexicon of "Things I Will Like." Firmly established within this venerable consortium are things like Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chocolate Mousse, and That Happy Yipping Noise Puppies Make When You Hold Their Toy Over Their Head And They Fall Backwards. Things not established here, never to be established here, are things like Thandie Newton, or Shrimp Kabobs, or Deeply Meaningful Interpretive Dances Involving Quirky Items Like Yellow T-Shirts Named Shirty. OH WAIT. Damn you, Miranda July!

Yes, in her new film The Future that happens. And somehow it is a beautiful and a heartbreaking thing. Somehow there is narration by a cat wearing a little cast on its leg and it is a beautiful and a heartbreaking thing. I do not understand how this is possible. I just know that Miranda July seems to stand in a space where nobody else has ever stood and look at things from a perspective nobody has ever looked at them before and figured out a way to tell stories like nobody has ever tried to tell stories before. She grabs a hold of my understanding of how a story is told, how you get from point A to point B, how you uncover and navigate an emotion, and she unravels it and loops it around itself and slaps a fuzzy unicorn sticker on it and poops it out and you just want to cry it's so lovely.

You don't really even realizing what she's doing. You're watching the movie and it's whirring along and you're all, "God, it's so twee I just might die!" and then suddenly you're all, "Wait, the twee! The twee is not twee! I have ill defined twee!" and then you're all, "Oh my god, this is where we are and I had no idea this was where we were going and hearts and fireworks and the star spangled banner and Jake Gyllenhaal eating chocolate mousse while rubbing puppies on their tummies and my god I am in love again!"

So thank you, Miranda July. You make me want to be a better freak.


triggerua said...

What a beautiful piece. I got chills just reading this...what is going to happen to me when I actually see the movie.
? I remember experiencing just what you write about at the end of Me and You and Everyone We Know. It just happens.

Anonymous said...

I love this review. Wasn't interested in watching this and now I am. Thanks!