Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Here Go Hell Come


Every so often I'll be scanning down the right-hand column of this here blog and amongst the labels, between Bette Midler and Bill Murray I'll see it. Big Brother. A show I haven't watched or posted about since 2008, when I was so repulsed by the grotesquerie of Dick and his daughter it starts with D I am so happy I can't remember her name you have no idea Danielle dammit that's her name ugh that I gave up the show full-stop. Good riddance, I says! Or said. Because now I see that there's a chance that Will Kirby, aka Evil Dr. Will, could be back in the house and dammit I'm helpless when it comes to him. HELPLESS. I mean, case in point:

It appears that the forementioned D&D could also be on the show though, and that tempers the pull an awful lot. Plus Will's always paired with that shit-stain Mike Boogie (ugh even typing that moniker pains me) so it's all tempered even further. But then..

Oh Will. Damn you. Damn you. Damn you.


RJ said...

Hi adolescent crush!

I remember this tool and the thing he wore on his head.

Joe Reid said...

Boy, this is just a banner couple of days for you and shameful reality TV secrets, huh? Oh my GOD, it gives me no end of pleasure to read through your former BB enthusiasms. Enthusiasms that were mine as well! Where'd it go?? When did you get too good for terrible, terrible television??

Jason Adams said...

I went back thru all those posts today too, Joe, and GOD it was embarrassing. I loved that show SO MUCH for such a long time. D&D were just too much. TOO FUCKING MUCH. They're probably going to end up on this new season and I won't be able to stomach watching which is sad because I do feel like I could give the show another chance otherwise. I miss BUT FIRST.

Joe Reid said...

Yeah, I am also dreading D&D's return. Actually, most of the people they seem to be considering bringing back are among the worst of the worst. Still, I wish you'd have been watching these last 2-3 seasons. You missed all of Renny! And cute, weird Dan. And dumb fucking Jeff and Jordan. And gleeful bitch Brittany. I bet you'd have liked at least 3 of them.

(Also, I love how I recapped every other episode of BB8, and you managed to link to every one that I didn't write. Asshole.)

Jason Adams said...

Well obviously you did a terrible sucky job not worthy of my time. OBVIOUSLY.

I wish they'd release the 2nd season on DVD. I would totally sit and watch the whole thing over again. And when Nicole pees on herself trapped on that bed it would all be like the first time again! Oh god it was so good.

Joe Reid said...

Agreed! Oh, how I loved Nicole.

You know I own Season 3, for my (our?) beloved Danielle.

Jason Adams said...

Oh yes I loved Dani too! She ruled.

And now my mind wanders to HARDY. I can't believe Will and Hardy were both on the same season and my eyes didn't just sizzle and pop right out of my skull like those eggs on the counter in Ghostbusters.

Dammit we have to stop talking about this show, it's crumbling my will to resist. (And I know that's only going to spurn you on, damn you)

Jason Adams said...

SHANNON WITH THE TOOTHBRUSH. Oh god, it's too much.

Joe Reid said...

Ack. Hardy. Gag.

Now that hot virgin Jason on the other hand...

Or...who was that army weirdo who had sex with the girl on camera? From the Jun and Alison season? Not that I remember that exactly at all.

Joe Reid said...


Jason Adams said...

I had to look him up but I totally remember him - David! Super hot, but yeah weird.

And I loved Hardy! Well I loved Hardy in the context of him getting dicked over by Will constantly and being too stupid to know what was going on.

Joe Reid said...


I bet you you could wind your way through all of BB2 on YouTube. Wouldn't get to see Will in hi-res glory, but still. It might take all of a 3-day weekend, but what are the odds one of those is coming soon...?

Tracy said...

Oh, Evil Dr. Will. I will love you forever. But it wouldn't be worth it for him to come back if Mike (ugh) comes with him. And if it's D&D, I definitely won't be watching. Or Jessie and Natalie.

Derreck said...

I survived Dick and Daniele once. I'm not sure i can do it again. Plus, season 9 (the season of the Writer's Strike) has to have been the worst group of people i've ever seen assembled on any reality show. Oh, the horror!

Every single team that CBS/BB has lined up as potentially returning to house are just horrible. I'll quit BB forever if Rachel and Brendon (be glad that you missed that spectacle, JA) came back. I have no idea why they are suggesting such AWFUL duos to come back.

But i do like Dr. Will. He still shouldn't be in the house, but my fury would dial down to a 7.2 if they brought him back. (it would go back to 11 if Mike came with him though.)

But it would all be worth it if Brittany from last season came back. Now that is one bitch that i can deal with.