Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Morning, World


Well, it's that time again! White Collar's back on the air so Matty Bomer's selling the wares anew. Bless him. (pics via)

Looking at him makes me so crazy with lust and jealousy and rage sometimes. With his stupid perfect hair and abs and eyeballs. I actually went to IMDb to see how tall he was when I was looking at these pictures so I could be all, "Ha ha he's short!"

But he's not short, he's 5'11-1/2" (although that 1/2" there is such a 5'11"'er's desperate strain for six foot it's obvious he's probably even pushing the 5'11" thing)... but he is shorter than me so I could at least tower over him by a few inches and feel momentarily better about myself. Ahhh.

Dammit nope that's gone, he's perfect,
I hate him again. Bastard person.


Anonymous said...

I met Matt at a charity event, had picture taken with him. Even hotter in person, sweet as can be and as advertised easily 5.11+. I am 6' and basically eye to eye.

Anna said...

Matt is boring and has crazy eyes - YUCK!

Anonymous said...

That's 1/2 inch thing you said is untrue! I'm 5'11.5"