Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning, World

Hair of the dog with Charlie Hunnam!

(via) These are from The Ledge, that movie he's in with Patrick Wilson where they're both in love with Liv Tyler only Pat is a religious whack-job. The film's On Demand right now, I've been meaning to watch it but haven't gotten the chance. Any y'all done so yet? Lemme know what you thought if so. Is there really nothing flesh-wise from Patrick Wilson in it? Now that's blasphemy.

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Dale M. said...

This movie is just bad in so many ways. The acting is atrocious (except for my precious PW); the script pulls off an impressive feat by being both pretentious and pulpy; and, worst of all, it's just boring. I'm sure you'll be able to stream it on Netflix in a couple of months, so save your $9.99.