Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Young To Hold On...


It's been five years since the first time I posted that it'd been announced that a Jeff Buckley bio-pic was going to be made, and here we are again. Via Deadline:

"Welcome To The Rileys helmer Jake Scott has been set to direct an untitled film about Jeff Buckley, the rising star musician who died tragically at age 30 in 1997. Scott will direct a script by Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker).

... Music rights to Buckley's songs are part of the rights package and the producers have also optioned the David Browne book Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley, as a resource."

Of course, ever since day one the main topic of conversation has been casting. Back in 2006 Jared Leto seemed like a reasonable prospect. Then there was silence, until 2009 when it was said that James Franco and Robert Pattinson were duking it out over the role. Then... more silence.

Buckley was only 30 when he drowned in 1997, so James Franco's already getting a little old for it. Plus to be honest does he need to play every single sensitive-eyed tortured poet-type? Jared Leto's far too old at this point (not to mention used up.) If I had a better sense of what Robert Pattinson is able to do - and I feel as if I'll know once he stars in a David Cronenberg movie - then I might feel safer pointing a finger at him.There's probably somebody I'm not thinking of who'd be perfect... which is why I turn to y'all. Opinions?


Dame James said...

I don't know if you've seen Remember Me, but they're already trying to turn Robert Pattinson into the Dean/Brando of this generation so I could see him as perfect casting in that regard. I still remain unconvinced about the true depth of Pattinson's talents, but who knows? At least he's picking interesting projects.

RJ said...

How about that Tom Sturridge character?

Taffy said...

I'm a huge Jeff Buckley fan that was lucky enough to see him play 3 times but even so, I wonder if a film is necessary. If this film does go ahead, at this point I hope they find someone else.

Anonymous said...

What about Jackson Rathbone?

DuchessKitty said...

First, I can't believe that it's been 14 years since Jeff Buckley passed away. The loss of him still feels very fresh.

I always liked the idea of James Franco, but I don't know, Jackson Rathbone might be a good choice. He has a band right?
I'm kind of with Taffy though, do we really need a bio-pic at this point?

Jason Adams said...

First off, I am crazy jealous of Taffy for seeing him perform three times! He was dead before I'd have ever gotten the chance.

Both Sturridge (see) and Rathbone (see) have def. got the right look. I've never seen Sturridge in anything; Rathbone I saw in Dread and in The Last Airbender and didn't leave much of an impression on me either time (but those movies weren't exactly doing him any favors).

I've never read any of the bios on Buckley so I don't even know how fascinating a short life he led. It might be an interesting snapshot of NYC in the early 90s...? Was there a whole lot of tumult before he drown? He seemed to have a pretty easy time of it, what with being so fucking pretty and talented and the son of another famous musician and all.

Scot said...

Before everybody jumps down my throat for suggesting him, take a good look at Ethan Peck. he could pull it off effortlessly. He was the only bright spot in that terrible movie he did with mariah carey.

Anonymous said...

James Marsden?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe no one has said this yet... I nominate James Ransone. (pic)