Friday, April 01, 2011

What Scares Patrick Wilson

Second pimping of the day for Insidious! I'm shameless! Not that I have anything to gain personally from telling y'all to go and see it. I'm not James Wan in disguise. Really! I didn't spend the past decade telling you all that Saw sucks just to throw you off my scent. No it's just that Insidious really does bring it, and in a fun old-fashioned sort of way that needs to be encouraged. It's not perfect, the last act gets a little bit silly to be sure, but it has at least four separate scares that've haunted me since seeing it a full month ago, and that's a thing to cherish. So I will hype the movie!

Anyway, point. Over at PopWrap the lucky bastard Jarett got to chat with Insidious stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne and you should read the whole thing but this is the bit I am highlighting, if only because it allowed me to make that image above. No, not just that, it's delightful in itself:

PW: Are you guys fans of the genre?
Rose: I am. At least when I was younger. I used to make my mom get me the original “Elm Street” movies and “Creepshow.” Patrick, are you a horror fan?
Patrick: For me, it’s more about the experience – I still have images that freak me out, which is hilarious in hindsight, because most of the movies that scared me as a child really aren’t that scary anymore. But when I saw “Salem’s Lot,” the kid scraping on the window is like my “Red Rum” moment. I saw that movie again when I was 19-years-old and couldn’t believe I was ever frightened of it. But it really freaked me out as a child. I think it was actually a TV movie, which tells you how lame it was.
PW: What I liked about "Insidious" is how it embraces the idea that you're more scared by what you don't see.
Patrick: Yea man, it's Jaws in the water.
Rose: There’s a lot of restraint. And that was a big appeal to me. It’s like a family drama inside of a horror film. The fear builds so slowly and by the end you’re ready to pop. I’m not really into the torture horror kinds of movies.
Patrick: I think that’s a different kind of scare. Movies like “Friday” and “Nightmare” and “Chainsaw" where you're afraid of someone chasing you are different versions of fear. I always like headier scares “Salem’s Lot!”

Obviously he need to revisit Tobe Hooper's Salem's Lot TV movie, because it's not lame at all, it's actually pretty terrific. But still. I'll hold you, Patrick! I will hold you tight and keep you safe, if not from me, from monsters. Unless you struggle or try to get away and I need to monsters to hold you down, in which case all bets are off!

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Gary said...

Salem's Lot was in fact awesome. Oh that David Sole was hot back then. ...and an amazing depiction of Nosferatu - scary as he'll.