Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Jeremy Renner...


... wants to play Steve McQueen, apparently. He's a fine pick physically, so I say sure. Why not? I've been championing Jeremy since way way back, he's got the goods...  his performance in Dahmer is one for the ages. He's just got so many projects lined up now I wonder when he'll find the time. Will this win him an Oscar? Will it even be that sort of movie? Steve McQueen's life seems more fun and gung-ho for adventure than it does uber-serious. Not that I'm a McQueen expert by any means.

Anyway this is fine and all but I'm disappointed that it's not the bio-pic I proposed that he's making. I speak of course of the role he was born for, that of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, German filmmaker and fag-genius. 

Sure he's not as pretty as McQueen and Jeremy would have to squash his vanity for it (for the record I find young RWF incredibly do-able), but god the insane life he lived! There's your Oscar, Jeremy! A Fassbinder bio-pic starring Jeremy Renner is pretty much the tops in movies I would choose to make if I were given the ability to make any movie in the world. (That, or the porn with me and Jake obviously.) That period of time with that cast of characters is so spectacularly fertile though! God, to dream of it makes me ache inside. Ahhh! This is me aching.

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Gurm said...

A man who looks like a middle-aged lesbian wants to play Steve McQueen? The King of Cool must be spinning in his grave.