Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Am Link

--- Coming For Clive - The new horror flick from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the director of the criminally underrated 28 Weeks Later, is called Intruders, and it stars Clive Owen, Daniel Bruhl, and Carice Van Houten (woot!), amongst others. The film comes out in October supposedly, and BD's got some info, as well as a link to a gallery of pictures from the movie. Sign me up!

--- Vroom Vroom - Glenn finally saw the third Texas Chainsaw film, the one with Viggo Mortensen, finally. I still haven't seen that one. That's different from the one with Matthew McConaughey, right? I've only seen bits of that one. But now all I can think of is Mike Vogel in the remake. Swoon.

--- Speaking of blasts from Viggo's past, Nat took a look back at his sexytimes with Diane Lane in their 1999 hippie romance A Walk on the Moon, which is what birthed my (and probably your) Viggo infatuation. Sexiest hippie of all time? I think so.

--- And speaking of Nat, he just reviewed Water For Elephants, and his review has totally convinced me that that's all I need from the movie, ever. I mean, I love circus stories, what happened here?

--- Penis Envied - Hey look, it's an illustrated list of famous full frontal man-ness.
--- Hot Zombie - STYD highlights a brief fun bit of chat between Fright Night remake director Craig Gillespie and his star Colin Farrell about Gillispie's recently announced next movie, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Colin Farrell would make the sexiest zombie of all time, right? Even sexier than Amber Heard in Zombieland.

--- Super Slumber - The LAT got JJ Abrams to list six films that were an influence on his upcoming Super 8 - and is it just me or does the movie get more exciting every time you see the trailer? - and on the list is, I shit you not, the genius slasher Slumber Party Massacre. Weird! Also, awesome!

--- Single Ladies - Slash directs us to a new red-band trailer for Bridesmaids. I haven't watched it yet. They also direct us to six character posters for the film, which really? Is anybody asking for that? I'm as excited for this movie as anybody, but that's nuts.


homeslaughter said...

Brad Davis in the Sybil TV movie with Sally Field was the sexiest hippie of all time.

Jason Adams said...

Ooh good call.