Thursday, April 07, 2011

I Am Link

--- Towering Man - Lots of casting news today. First up, it looks like Javier Bardem's probably gonna get the lead in the adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I've only read one book of these, and it was the third. Weird, right? This was Junior High and I picked it up having no idea it was part of a series, and got about halfway through before I realized. Anyway should I read it, or what? I've heard opinions all over the map. As for the movie version, I love Bardem but this is Ron Howard directing here, and that man sits upon a throne of shit. So I don't have much faith there.

--- More Casting - Jay Baruchel has joined the cast of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, already starring Robert Pattinson and Samantha Morton and Juliette Binoche and whoops I passed out.

--- Still More Casting - Viggo passed but now they're trying to get Hugh Jackman to play the Hunstman in that other Snow White movie. What with Wolverine director-less he's got some time to figure junk out. Also, enormous muscles. He's got those too.

--- Speaking of enormous muscles, DH has a couple of new and/or better resolutioned Thor pictures that I've not seen before.

--- Chocka Block - Been hearing lots and lots of good word-of-mouth on Attack the Block, a British teens-fight-aliens movie produced by Edgar Wright that's been making the festival rounds, so I'm happy to hear it's getting an American release. Everybody that's seen it has raved like a loon.

--- Sour Lemons - If you haven't seen Stale Popcorn's ten favorite Renee Zellweger expressions from her horror flick with Bradley Cooper Case 39, you need to click on over and experience the wonder.

--- Bad Girls - Argh I am hopeless when it comes to keeping up with Nat's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" series, every week it comes and every week I miss it. Last night was time for Peter Jackson's masterpiece Heavenly Creatures, so go and check it out.

--- Salem's Plot - Slash gives us a look at the first image of anything from Rob Zombie's next horror flick, his bleakest yet according to him. That's it there. Eye roll. We'll see, Rob. There's more info on the film at that link. Witches are what's for dinner!

--- Ash Play - An Evil Dead game for iPod/iPad has been created! You can be Ash! Eventually, since it's not out yet and they don't share a date. I guess Apple's got to approve it first. If you mess with my chance at being inside Bruce Campbell, Steve Jobs, I swear I can't be held accountable...

--- Second Silent - I have an enormous soft spot for the first Silent Hill movie. It's a mess, but some of it is so hypnotic and terrifying that I can't help it. I'll watch it whenever it's on TV. I've never played any of the games, surely to my detriment. Anyway they're casting the next flick and Final Girl is very happy over Carrie Ann Moss. We were just talking about her!

--- Are You A God - Tarsem Singh makes a good point - if you were a God and could look like anything, you'd probably choose to look like Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz too.

--- T3ON - There will be a third TRON film. I don't know anyone who came out of the second one dying for another go at it, except maybe Cillian Murphy.

--- Robbed - A remake of To Catch a Thief is in the cards. Because there are people who make and star in movies today who can easily replace Alfred Hitchcock and Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, you know. Coming at you from the writer of Good Luck Chuck and Piranha 3D!


Anonymous said...

To Catch A Thief will probably remade by D. J. Caruso. With Kellan Lutz and Megan Fox.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for send me to Stale Popcorn's Zellweger face post. Hilarious! "I'm Margaret Cho's mother." Haha! And yes please, talk about Henry Cavill every day! I can't get enough of that picture!

Friend Mouse said...

One hugenormous problem with Javier Bardem getting the lead in the DT adaptation is that Roland Deschain is repeatedly (ad nauseam) described as having incredibly blue eyes. J'adore Bardem but blue-eyed he ain't.