Friday, April 08, 2011

From Hanna To Highness


One of the lessons I have learned from having to keep better track of what's coming out every weekend now that I write a column about it week in and week out is what an enormous mess of shit that I don't want to see there is constantly coming out weekend after unholy weekend. So much dreckitude! So when a weekend rolls around where there's not just one movie but several that I want to see, well now it feels like something of an event. This weekend there are four movies that I want to see coming out. Four! Head over to Celebrity Beehive to get my thoughts upon them.

Of course wanting to see and actually finding the time to see are two very different things. As I mentioned earlier I'm seeing The Book of Mormon tonight, and then there's Carrie playing at BAM on Sunday... finding time for four movies in between all that in the span of two days will prove a little much. The only one I know I'm seeing for sure is Arthur, which is the one I've probably got the least expectations of (although the brutal reviews for Your Highness have got me second-guessing myself there). 

Oh well, there's always next week! It's amazing how front-loaded movie-going feels these days, as if, if I don't take the chance and run to see something the very first minute it's available, then I've lost the chance forever. It took me a couple of weeks but I finally got myself out to see Paul last weekend, even though it'd faded from the national discourse right quick. Miracles can and do happen!


Rebecca said...

I will totally see 'Meek's Cutoff' when it comes here. It is not scheduled to do so yet.

RJ said...

I just saw Hanna, and I loved it. It had me the whole way through. See it.

John said...

Arthur doesn't look that good, I'm lookin forward to getting the original and sequel on BluRay.