Monday, April 11, 2011

The Book of Mormon in 250 Words or Less


To those of you who understood my vitriol for the part that Josh Gad (or at least his character) played in Love and Other Drugs, then the weight of what I'm about to say will make sense: Josh Gad, you are forgiven. Again, it's more that he's carried along by the property he's attached himself to that I'm basing my attitude towards him off of, but The Book of Mormon is as goddamned wonderful as Love and Other Drugs was goddamned awful, so if two forces of equal but opposite value...

Anyway I'm no theater critic - and my past aversions prove I'm no musical theater critic especially - but Trey and Matt need to clear some space on their show's marquee for the praise-filled quotes I want to hurl at it. I haven't laughed this hard in ages! You'll be rolling in the aisles! See this musical, or kill yourself! And of course, it's sacrilicious!

There was a moment a little bit after the intermission when I actually found myself depressed knowing that I'd never see what I was seeing again. Live theater by definition maintains that once-in-a-lifetime quality (especially with prices being so high), so even if they film a performance and release it, even if they turn it into a movie, it won't be the same. If I could afford to go again right quick I'd be all up in it. The riotous spectacle of "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" (something my life feels richer for having witnessed)  demands it!

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Prospero said...

Precisely why I do live theatre. It's never the same experience twice. So glad you liked it. I'll be seeing it in July.