Friday, April 08, 2011

Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday

I am arbitrarily limiting myself to four, my apologies to Princess Buttercup and John Gavin (mmm John Gavin in Psycho), but today's a full day of birthdays! Wombs be cracking open like gangbusters! Here are four people I'd like to wish a happy birthday, is my point.

Happy 30, Taylor Kitsch! For obvious reasons. I mean, this is my ninth post labeled Taylor Kitsch and I've never even seen him act, at all, in anything, ever. That's surely change once Pixar's John Carter movie comes out, which dear god that thing's taking forever. The copies of the books from the series that I've recently read were still trees when this movie got announced. Anyway now that I've read the first two books in the series (and will probably start the third any day now) I can say I've got real honest-to-goodness enthusiasm based off of something other than Taylor's abs for the movie. Not that the ab-excitements lessened. In the books John Carter is basically naked the whole time! Remain true to your source material, Pixar, or else!

Happy 31, Katee Sackhoff! I'm so happy it's your birthday so I have this excuse to post this picture you tweeted of yourself with a shirtless Tahmoh Penikett the other day. I mean, also because I can mention you, and how awesome you are. And how I wish you were doing something I could watch right now. I miss you. You should be a big star, man. But also let's be honest because goddamn Tahmoh.
Happy 38, Emma Caulfield! Speaking of blond ladies from beloved long-gone genre television programs that ought to be enormous stars now but ain't, but I can keep track of all the same thanks to Twitter.

And finally, a happy 56 to Kane Hodder, the dude behind Jason Voorhees' mask four times and behind the grotesquerie of that deformed dude from Hatchet's face in the Hatchet movies. I'll always have you to thank for this:


RJ said...

Watch Friday Night Lights immediately.

Legend Rivera said...

Taylor Kitsch played "Gambit" in "XMEN Origins: Wolverine".
His abs were not cast though, could be why you don't recollect.

Jason Adams said...

I still haven't seen Wolverine.