Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Willy's Red Wedding

For the record, I'll be watching each week's episodes of A Game of Thrones on Mondays, a day after they air on HBO, so you probably shouldn't expect any insta-reactions from me on them. I know, however will you go on without it? Be brave! Anyway I will watch last night's premiere tonight, is my point. If y'all wanna tell me what you thought of it you can go right ahead; I don't expect anything's going to spoil me since I've read all the books there are so far and know the story pretty well.

So I wasn't planning on writing anything on it until tomorrow, but something's amused slash horrified me (a thin line), so here we are. I was just now reading through Time's review of the show, and on the second page there was the following paragraph, followed by a really odd and inappropriate choice of "these stories might be related" linkage (seen in red):

I don't really even get what connection there is to be made there in the first place. But to those of you familiar with the later books of A Song of Ice and Fire, I think we can agree that a conflation of the real-life royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton with events going on in fictional Westeros opens up a giant can of bloody mental worms that's probably best left unmade. Weddings never go well in Westeros.

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