Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Psycho (1960)

Fun with gifs! I can't stop myself lately, apologies. The novelty should wear off at some point. Anyway I like the way, especially here with my Thursday Kills series, that sticking them in between static shots gives special moments a little extra oomph. As if this scene from Psycho needs any help from me in the oomph-department. (Note to self: Trademark "Oomph Department" for a sitcom about workers at the ACME factory.)

Ahem. So distracted this week! So distracted that I somehow, insanely, missed out on The Film Experience's Hit Me With Your Best Shot series yesterday in honor of Hitch's 1960 masterpiece. And I even watched Psycho on Tuesday! Two days ago! I was inspired to do so for the fiftieth time by Nathaniel's terrific interview with Manuel Muñoz, the author of a new Hitch-related work of fiction. And re-watching the film this week I knew it was time I tackled it for this here series of my own. But I'm too chicken to try and write anything on The Shower Scene. True fact: there is nothing that hasn't been write about The Shower Scene left. It's all been said, every word. 

But as Nathaniel pointed out last night, Detective Arbogast's death might live in the shadow of that scene but it's just as powerful and visually arresting a moment. And it utilizes a space that Hitch loved using even more than the bathroom - the staircase! Once you realize it, it becomes a game on par with spotting his cameos, looking for the way that he'll incorporate a treacherous, terrifying staircase into his films. There's the endless stairs up to the bell-tower that terrorize Scotty in Vertigo:

There's the endless series of stairs and stairs and stairs that lead up to poor kidnapped little Hank in The Man Who Knew Too Much, which his mother's voice, screaming out "Que Sera Sera" echo up and up and up as his rescue.

There's the shot of Cary Grant carrying the poisoned (or is it?) glow-in-the-dark milk up to wan Joan Fontaine in Suspicion

There's the shot of Cary Grant carrying a wan and poisoned Ingrid Bergman down the staircase towards possible freedom in Notorious.
There's the staircase where Uncle Charlie tries to murder his snooping niece Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt.

There's the staircase that Tippi scales at the end of The Birds leading to her finding herself trapped in an attic of swift and unspeakably silent monster gulls.

(Not to mention the stairs where poor pecked-apart Annie's body is found.) I could go on and on. One of his movies is called The 39 Steps! Most Hitch-scholars see the proliferation of stairs as a nimble way for Hitch to delineate visually between good and bad spaces - keep your feet on the ground level, or else! Once you start going upstairs - or god forbid, into the basement! - that's when hell's gonna break loose.

Stairs also, on purely visual terms, fit into the scheme of perpendicular movements that Psycho is stuffed (ha, stuffed) with. Stairs form a series of horizontal lines, stacking upwards, making the horizontals go vertical, and vice-versa.

The world is up-ended, at odds. The crosses of lines, North to South, East to West, don't end with Saul Bass' famed credit sequence. Think of the low-flat horizontal (and modern) Bates Motel contrasted beside the vertical Gothic spike of the Bates house in back.

All the sliding doors and rolling up and down of windows. Blinds!

These things weren't by accident. It's well-known that Hitch story-boarded his films down to the most minute of details. Echoes upon echoes of shapes that form and reform, obsessively, haunt every one of his films. (Take a look at North By Northwest with the diagonals the film's title imply in your mind and gape in awe at the insanity of it.) The use of the up-down and side-to-side contrast here is violent, a crashing against each other of visual cues. A slashing, if you will.

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when I saw that GIF of Arbogast falling down those stairs that I split my lip.

Celendra said...

Everytime I watch that murder and he goes down the stairs it makes my stomach lurch, like I just crested a hill too fast in my car.

It has this incredible quality of surreality - exactly like a dream I know I've had a million times (I almost said that everyone's had - but who knows what goes on in your head at night!). The floating sensation from the camera moving so smoothly, the horror on his face and the way the moment just lingers.