Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You For 54, Ryan Phillippe


Jarett, you spoke for us all when you said just that
in your interview with Ryan over at PopWrap. Thank you.


RJ said...

Haha. Too true. Though I think he may have forgotten what happens in Cruel Intentions based on that interview.

Lucky said...

PW: Is there one role that you'd love the chance to revisit in a pseudo-sequel?

Ryan: Probably Sebastian. There’s a big place in my heart for “Cruel Intentions.”[...], I’d be curious to see where he ended up later in life.

Um.... didn't he, like, died in Cruel Intentions?

Sean said...

Did the extended cut of 54 ever get released? I know that there was some talk about it.

Anonymous said...

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been waiting my entire life for this