Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Soul To Take in 150 Words or Less

I have no idea why Wes Craven made this movie. I have no idea why he wrote this story, or shot it. I watched it and I waited and I waited for the point, the purpose, the "Oh of course that was what he wanted to do here" moment, and maybe it was hidden in code inside the end credits? I don't know. I have no idea. There wasn't one new or interesting thing happening here. I suppose there are kernels of ideas bobbing in the background - the multiple souls, the birds and the thrown voices - but they never happen. The deaths are among the most boring ones I've ever seen, as if Wes were reading the newspaper while directing them. Yeah yeah stab, and scene. If you're not gonna care Wes then I'm not gonna care dammit! (Please care about Sidney.)


RJ said...

At least he didn't write Scream 4.

kirson05 said...

I actually kind of liked the look/vibe of this movie. The cinematography was great. The primary actors did a pretty good job and some of the dialogue was so odd that it stuck with me. At least it didn't take the "none of the other characters are real they're just personality manifestations" approach.