Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Can Die Now

Jake and Pee Wee! Jake and Pee Wee!



Scot said...

Uhm... there's nothing there!
At least not on my computer.

Legend Rivera said...

Tease. Don't see nutin.

Jason Adams said...

Weird, it still shows fine for me. Here's a pic at least.

shawnp said...

But, according to Entertainment Weekly, when one fan allegedly snapped the actor’s photo “at an inelegant time” in a restroom at the Paramount Theatre, things got heated.

The unidentified man, “who understood his mistake,” eventually agreed to delete the photo.

I didn't know you went to SXSW!

Legend Rivera said...

Downloaded it from the link on your tweet. Yep, that's some good stuff.