Friday, March 25, 2011

I Am Link

--- Cuckoo For Kryptonite - I dunno if this is the same role Edgar Ramirez was rumored for or if there are a couple of villains in the next Superman movie, but now there's talk of Michael Shannon playing a bad guy for the Zach Snyder film. I approve of Michael Shannon in anything, everything, always.

--- That Bat Girl - Juno Temple's probably in the next Batman movie. I was gonna say something here about how appealing she was in Kaboom and that I only realized recently she plays the daughter of Cate Blanchett in Notes on a Scandal and yadda yadda but then I saw that beside Glenn's brand new review of Kaboom he has a lot of things to say about all this so I'll let him take it away. I'm just hoping that the other girl in Kaboom, Haley Bennett, gets some real work, because we love her so much.

--- Green Means Stop - Over at fourfour Rich gives us a mostly delightful run-down on the recent spate of "single-setting horror movies" like 127 Hours and Buried. It was straight-up delightful until he went and called the hack Adam Green "easily the most exciting young horror director working today" which is just a load of crazy talk. Not just crazy talk - to call that sort of dangerous language crazy is to be too dismissive. Adam Green must not be encouraged! Frozen is awful. The Hatchets are awful. Awful!

--- What a Dump - Kim Morgan crafts a lovely ode to Liz Taylor out of Virginia Woolf remembrances. Now I've gotta watch that movie again, and soon.

--- Back Space - It seems crazy to me that they've already begun shooting on Ridley Scott's Prometheus, the not-an-Alien-prequel Alien-prequel. Crazy! But they have. Exciting, no? I can't wait to be let down by this movie. Prove me wrong, Fassbender.

--- Re Bourne - There's a list of several hot young males that are testing for the part of Jason Bourne over at Deadline but since I haven't even seen the first three Bourne films with Matt Damon yet I'm not allowed to enthuse here. (Dominic Cooper!)

--- And finally, some new fuel's been added to the long simmering fire of the "They really had sex!" rumor attached to Nicholas Roeg's Don't Look Now. Apparently Variety editor Peter Bart's new book details some behind-the-scenes stories of how Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland were completely fucking each other for real in that film's infamous sex scene. I always wanted to think better of Julie, because eww Donald Sutherland? Fuck Warren Beatty for real on film, Julie! God! See what you've denied us, the people? Shame!


Sean T. Collins said...

It's nice if they were really fucking on camera, good for them, but I never thought much of that scene. The editing kills it. Never ever have I had sex while thinking about getting dressed afterwards. The opposite is true, but this is supposed to be a sex scene, not a getting dressed after sex scene.

RJ said...

1. The Bourne films are actually pretty great. There really the only action films of recent years I like. Great casts. I will only see this new one if Joel Edgerton is in it.

2. If you trash Donald Sutherland again, I may never come back here.

Jason Adams said...

I love Donald Sutherland, but I do not need to see Donald Sutherland have sex.

Joe Reid said...

Haley Bennett = Johanna Mason in "Hunger Games" sequels!! Tell the people!!

shawnp said...

I saw Michael Shannon in the role of Narrator in Our Town.
The theater was tiny and he walked through the audience during the whole show.
We locked eyes for what seemed like 77 minutes exactly.
So charming. Not really handsome, but... riveting. Yes, that's the word. I was riveted. I was looking into his eyes, and I found myself thinking thoughts I hadn't entertained since the Gulf War. I think I actually... blushed.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh man, but she's a hoot in Kaboom!

olins said...

"What a dump!"=Bette, not Liz. Turn in your gay card.

Joe Reid said...
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Joe Reid said...

Irony! It's what's for dinner. But seriously: "What a dump!" Learn up.

olins said...

I was only making a joke,[tone is too damn hard to convey in a short comment]. Knowing my limitations I checked youtube and while Liz does use the line in WAOVW she is in fact quoting Bette in "Beyond the forest". I am now slightly smug.