Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Am Link

--- Mister America - Apparently there's some new footage from Captain America floating around today - See Cappy throw his shield! - but I haven't watched it, and probably won't. Same goes for the three new clips of Scream 4 that've been posted online. I'm done with ruining entire movies for myself before I see them, it seems. Done! But I'll still look at still pictures, like that one of Chris Evans as Cappy there to the left, because it's Chris Evans. And if they release shirtless footage well, forget everything I said a second ago.

--- Bloke Job - Speaking of this Summer's superheroes, Chris Hemsworth talked about how he got the role of Thor thanks to Joss Whedon:

"Right back when I was shooting Cabin in the Woods there was the casting for Thor. The process was ending and he said "Why aren't you involved in it," and I said "Well I was earlier, but I've been in and out of it. What's going on?" And he said "I'll give Ken a call," and he called Ken Branagh. They didn't know each other but knew of each other and Joss said "Look, for what it's worth, I've been working with Chris and he's a good bloke."

Of course all this does is make me crazy for Cabin anew. Where is it, dammit???

--- Crowley's Nest - I guess Hatchet 2 did good business won DVD so they'll be making a third one. The movies only cost about fifteen cents apiece so I guess they sold two to three copies? I already shared my opinion on what junk I think these movies are - I just want to repeat that these get sequel after sequel while poor Leslie Vernon rots. Unfair.

--- There Be Thrones - It's full of spoilers so only click over if you've read all of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books so far but my bud Sean is rereading the series and started a Tumblr for his thoughts. It's a great way to keep one's enthusiasm alive for the upcoming HBO series without, you guessed it, having to watch the billion and a half clips they're releasing for the series. Make it stop!

--- The Lady is a Vamp - Has there ever been a movie called that" I think there should have been, if there hasn't been. Anyway Final Girl Film Club went down yesterday and Roger Vadim's Blood and Roses, seminal lesbian vampire text that it is, got did. And did well!

--- Nile Queen - I guess one of the perks of having your boyfriend be Brad Pitt - there are many, of course - is you get to have a chat with David Fincher when you've got projects you're working on yourself, which explains Angelina Jolie and Fincher meeting over her Cleopatra movie, I think.

--- Oscar Baitin' - Alexander Payne's movie with George Clooney, The Descendants, won't be out until December 16th. That's fucking forever. But I guess I've waited seventeen years or whatever since Alex's last movie so I should just be grateful, or something. At least if the movie's good we could have an Alexander Payne Oscar nomination in the works...

--- Un Mooned - Jake Gyllenhaal's not going to be in Doug Liman's movie about moon travel or whatever, so he's looking for a replacement. Andy Garfield, Emile Hirsch and Chris Pine are possibilities, while there's a longer list of possibles for the female lead and every time I see Rosario Dawson's name my heart sings, please let her get a good damn part in something already! I wept for the nothing she had to do in Unstoppable.

--- Roman's God - These made the rounds yesterday but if you didn't notice I was busy with my own bullshit here so I didn't get to 'em - here are the first few shots from Roman Polanski's Carnage, based off the play God of Carnage, with Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly and Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz.

--- Monkey Business - Apparently the new Planet of the Apes movie with James Franco, called Rise of the Apes, just got moved from Thanksgiving into August, which means the studio's excited with what they're seeing.

--- Total Stone - DH has the list of names for the lady parts in the Total Recall remake, and nobody's got one tenth the crazy that Sharon Stone had. Just bring her back dammit! I miss Sharon.

--- Creeping Man Flesh - Over at Post-Mortem TrG posits the splendid theory that pecs have become the new boobs in horror, with plentiful examples. As he points out, women do comprise more than half of the audience of horror films, and I know plenty of gay males other than the one in my mirror that are horror freaks, so it's about damn time we started getting the equal footing in what we want to see exploited.


shaun said...

There's the Chris Evans news item I needed to make my on-the-street Evans interaction from two weeks ago relevant. I still can't believe I saw him just walking down the street with a dog after midnight and said hi...I look for him in the same spot every time I pass it, like the silly, childish man I am ;o)

Jason Adams said...

Ha that's great - I look for Hugh jackman in the spot where I've twice spotted him every time I pass. Which is daily, since it's on the route I take between my office and the subway.

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm not watching the Scream 4 clips either. I don't wanna go that far into spoiling the movie for myself.