Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Am Link

--- Let Me Inn - That there's the second poster for Ti West's The Innkeepers, his follow up to The House of the Devil, and I like it a lot (via). I'm digging the vibe he's working this time around. And I'm stupid jealous of you folks that're getting to see the movie in Austin at SXSW this weekend. Me want!

--- Happy Boo Year - It's long been a joke that in the post-Halloween world slashers just needed a holiday to base themselves around instead of a story, so this bit at Topless Robot where they go through the year via the slashers that dot the calendar isn't the freshest but it's still a good run-through if you're unaware of some of them.

--- Big Bloat - Is it just me or does James Caan look like the Martian atmosphere is exploding him from the inside on the poster for Henry's Crime? What the fuck happened to his head?

--- A Job For Your Hand - Parks & Rec's fabulous Aubrey Plaza is going to star in a movie called The Hand Job written and directed by Bill Hader about a girl that wants to perform every sex act she can think of before she goes to college. This movie will co-sta amongst other Mae Whitman and Donald Glover. Gimme.

--- Bad Guy - That dude there is named Wagner Moura and he will be playing the bad guy in Elysium, the new film from District 9's Neil Blomkamp. I guess he's a very big deal in Brazil. He is attractive in a specific creepy villain way, so on sight alone this works for me.

--- Dance Pilgrim - You can hear four unreleased tracks of Beck's from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack right here. I want them to download dammit. Metric's "Black Sheep" came up on my iPod's shuffle this morning and I was forced to repress my dancing urge on the subway again. Damn song, always finding me at inopportune moments!

--- Boo You Whore - I already commented upon the horrible X-Men Muppet Babies posters myself yesterday but Glenn one-upped me by bringing in the old "Jessica Alba does Rosemary's Baby" picture which will never ever ever stop being the funniest fucking thing on the planet so he wins. It's almost gotten to the point where I love that image so much I want to see the film remade with her in the role. Imagine the hilarity in motion!


dri said...

Wagner Moura is definitely one of the best actors in Brazil. I'm very glad he had been given a chance to show his potential to the world. Besides, he is HOT.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for Moura: He's really hot and talented. Maybe the audience will be polarized for the film (Love-Hate) but he's excellent as Capitão Nascimento.

Also, if you like brazilian soap operas, he made a charismatic and sexy villain in "paraiso Tropical"

Dale said...

Funnily enough, ever since you first posted that pic I've been hoping Jessica Alba would get cast in the Rosemary's Baby remake, and the whole thing would just be a hilarious mess.

But apparently the remake is no longer happening, so damn.