Friday, March 04, 2011

I Am Link

--- Mo Max - George Miller says that his fourth Mad Max film, this one set to star Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy in leather pants and Charlize Theron, will begin filming in January of 2012. This movie is too damn far away!

--- A Second Opinion - If you were intrigued by my review of Insidious then you should go read Final Girl's review. Or even if you weren't intrigued by mine, go read hers. Point is, read it! I even ramble some in the comments there if you need more me. There's a little more given away over there though so be conscious of that. Be conscious, that's my advice! Unconsciousness is for twits!

--- Hungry Girls - The list of actresses that are up for Katniss in The Hunger Games is about ten times longer than the one we voted on yesterday, says here. (Speaking of that, Hailee Steinfeld's got a pretty certain lead at this point.) And yes, whatsherface is on it. Stop the madness!

--- Storming Duke - All of the females have been cut out of the GI Joe sequel and now it will be a movie where Channing Tatum and Byung-hun Lee (see him here) rub each other down with oils and give slow massages. Or something - that's how I'm choosing to read this news.

--- Fassyfull - Here's an nice little interview with him that's mostly about Jane Eyre but also touches upon Shame, which he'll tell nothing about, and Cronenberg and Viggo, who he calls "a big hero of mine." Aww. They should kiss.

--- GarfGregor - Andrew Garfield and Ewan McGregor are each wanting to make heist movies next. Not together, unfortunately, where they heist each other underpants. Aww, they should kiss too.

--- Lovely Limbs - Sean wrote up some of his thoughts on the latest Radiohead record, and I concur.

--- And finally, yup, it's another trailer for A Game of Thrones.


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