Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Strange Joe Goes Batty For Tom Hardy

First off, I doubt any of you are reading anything I'm typing because that gorgeous photo-shopped image there to the right (via) is just too damn distracting, am I right? Blink once for yes and twice for no! Oh it doesn't matter. No one's listening. I just gave birth to a bag of frozen peas! Exactly. Point being that Joe Gordon-Levitt is once again being talked up as an addition to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. Perhaps for the role of Dr. Strange we keep hearing about. And while I'd never argue against wanting to see Joe in anything, ever, I'd never argue against wanting to see Tom Hardy or Anne Hathaway or Christian Bale or the list goes on and on in anything, and these are a lot of people Mr. Nolan! Didn't anybody learn anything from Spider-Man 3?

To Nolan's credit he did juggle the large cast of Inception well enough. I don't love that film - perhaps you've noticed it's gotten zilch in my awards so far? - but the sparks between Hardy and Joe were blazing, and I wasn't the only deranged person to take note. As that photo-shopped image there made by some other kind deranged soul attests to. So if he gives those two some more screen-time who am I to complain? I'm nobody! Nobody!

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TheoSav said...

I say JGL would make an awesome Richard "Dick" Grayson and add a good balance to Bruce.