Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Sporty Day In My Pants

I guess it's appropriate with today's beautiful weather here in New York that things on the blog have been so focused on healthy activities and the studs that practice them, but it's been a lot - we've had horse-riding and baseball and jogging and bouncing and now some basketball with Brandon Routh. (Arms.) It's a shame I'm just sitting here being a lazy blogger, but I guess my eyeballs are getting a work-out.

(pics via) I looooove the story of snottiness that I'm projecting onto Mr. 18 from these two shots here at the end - look at the expressions on his face in them though! To our left we have, "La di fucking dah, you're Superman, you're not so big," and to our right we have, "Okay, those are some guns."


RJ said...


Also, boooooooo!|News|LatestNews&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Jason Adams said...

Aww shucks! Poor Robin McLeavy, it must suck to have your name be thrown all over the internet and then have it not happen. I don't have anything against MEW, I love her in Scott Pilgrim, but McLeavy woulda been inspired and awesome.

RJ said...

I always says that the best way to get people interested in your action movie is to CAST INTERESTINGLY.

gregorybrown said...

Basketball was ruined when players switched from leg-showing shorts to those ridiculous culottes!!