Friday, February 11, 2011

Or We Will Both. Be. Sorry.


Thanks to Jarett for the heads-up on this one - a band called Atomic Tom has covered Human League's "Don't You Want Me" for the soundtrack to the Anna Faris and Topher Grace upcoming 80s-set comedy Take Me Home Tonight and Faris & Grace (along with a couple co-stars of theirs, including hilariously Michael Biehn) show up for the music video riffing on every single iconic 80s movie moment you can think of. And if I thought I'd lived my life up until this moment I'd been wrong because I had never seen Anna Faris make "Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction" face, with wig.

Bunny pot! That is amazing. Also amazing? How hot Topher Grace has gotten. I wish he got showcased more often, he's aged incredibly well.

The movie's out on March 4th. Here's the whole video.



Joe Reid said...

That was so delightful. Not even Dan Fogler's presence could ruin it like I suspect he's going to ruin the actual movie.

And you're goddamn right about Topher Grace. Sorry, 1980s Matthew Broderick, my Ferris Beuller fantasies have a new star. (...What?)

Heather said...

That may be the greatest video ever made. :)

Drew said...

^Truth (about Topher Grace and that being the greatest video ever made)

I so cant wait to see this movie, even though I probably wont get half the references...I was only around for about 2 months of the 80's after all ;)

Also, Atomic Tom are the guys that got all that press a few months ago for doing the "iPhone music video" of themselves on the NYC subway. It was highly over-rated IMO.

Glenn Dunks said...

The cover version was awful, but the video was great. I'm surprised you didn't take a picture of Faris' "Poltergeist" moment. She looks a bit like Sandra Bernhard in her bully boiler moment.

And, yeah, Topher Grace has always been handsome. It's nice to see that being exploited.