Friday, February 25, 2011

Joel McHale Wants To Bang Mila Kunis...

... in Seth MacFarlane's new movie. The one about the foul-mouthed teddy bear. Joel is not the teddy bear. Via Deadline:

"Joel McHale, who tomorrow hosts the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards, is in final negotiations to join Mark Walhberg, Mila Kunis and Seth Macfarlane in Ted, the live action comedy that MacFarlane is directing for Universal Pictures and Media Rights Capital. McHale will play Rex, the sleazy boss who is perpetually putting the moves on his employee (Kunis). She wants to marry her boyfriend (Wahlberg), but won't until he redefines his relationship with his teddy bear, the one that came alive during a childhood wish and has become a slovenly womanizing slacker."

I'm probably gonna have to watch the Spirits with Joel as the host. Dammit. I guess I'll just be spending all damn weekend watching awards I don't care about. It is a terrible chore, my life! He'd better break out his suspicious underpants at least once. It's a low-key affair, Joel! Just wear those the whole gig. It will be talked about. It will be remembered. Forever.

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