Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joel McHale Three Times

(more pics at JJ) You know who I miss seeing taking their clothes off? Okay I need to narrow that down; there are about fifteen hundred answers to that question. I speak of Joel McHale specifically right now! He hasn't stripped down on Community - or The Soup for that matter - since November. Is that when Sweeps last was? When's the next damn Sweeps then, I need his beautiful large man breasts stat. Oh and one more thing about another shot from this same shoot...

I cannot be the only person who sees this. Weird! Gross!
(see the South Park video here if you have no idea what's going on)


triggerua said...

Joel sitting on a GIANT "log" is less disturbing than his new emo boy hair style. More Underwear, less hair product.

Jason Adams said...

I hate the hair too triggerua, but judging by this last Friday's episode of The Soup he's already changed it after a couple of traumatizing weeks with the horrible one seen in these pictures, thankfully.