Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's Been Far Too Long, Mr. Bamber


I don't keep up with British television - hell I have a hard enough time keeping up with American television - but I guess Jamie Bamber, one-time Apollo of Battlestar Galactica and forever hot piece with the key to my "heart," isn't on their Law & Order spin-off anymore? Perhaps the spin-off isn't even on anymore, who knows. Nobody, that's who! Anyway he's now on something called Outcasts, which is a science-fiction drama that starts this upcoming Monday on the Beeb. And he's wearing a sweat-stained tank-top in it, therefore it has already won. (via)



Lynn MacDonald said...

He does look awesome in this promo but he is still in LOUK! Apollo still rules!

patuxxa said...

I've watched a few episodes of L&O:UK but I've found it mostly passable (it's not bad, it just doesn't compare to the original).

But this? I kinda feel sad Apollo was always clean-shaven in BSG. Nice!