Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's Been Far Too Long, Mr. Bamber


I don't keep up with British television - hell I have a hard enough time keeping up with American television - but I guess Jamie Bamber, one-time Apollo of Battlestar Galactica and forever hot piece with the key to my "heart," isn't on their Law & Order spin-off anymore? Perhaps the spin-off isn't even on anymore, who knows. Nobody, that's who! Anyway he's now on something called Outcasts, which is a science-fiction drama that starts this upcoming Monday on the Beeb. And he's wearing a sweat-stained tank-top in it, therefore it has already won. (via)



Lynn MacDonald said...

He does look awesome in this promo but he is still in LOUK! Apollo still rules!

amola-tesouras said...

I've watched a few episodes of L&O:UK but I've found it mostly passable (it's not bad, it just doesn't compare to the original).

But this? I kinda feel sad Apollo was always clean-shaven in BSG. Nice!