Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Wish I Could Say...


... that Ryan Gosling and Dominic Cooper had been cast together in a new NC-17 retelling of the Leopold & Loeb story. That would be my dream. But all I got are two entirely unrelated casting announcements involving them separately that just happened to hit my face at pretty much the same time. But now I can spend some hours imagining them as sexy suave creeps banging each other anyway, thanks to the coincidence of these stories timing, and that's happy news. The happiest, really.

First up, Gosling's going to be doing the long-gestating Logan's Run remake. Apparently Bryan Singer's no longer involved - Nicholas Winding Refn, who turned Tom Hardy into a super-star (almost there) with Bronson, is directing. I've long been fine with the idea of this movie being remade; this only deepens that.

Meanwhile Dom's joining the cast of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which already has large strapping Broadway gentleman Ben Walker in the lead, as Honest Abe's mysterious mentor that learns him the art of dusting vamps. I look forward to lots of long, sweaty, shirtless scenes of them practising their art. Anthony Mackie's also being tapped for the film.

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Rob K. said...

I've long thought Logan's Run SHOULD be remade (so it can be done right) - good news. And I'm someone who generally despises the whole Let's Remake Everything trend.