Monday, February 14, 2011

I Saw I Saw The Devil's Poster

The Korean serial-killer thriller I Saw the Devil is getting a limited release on March 4th (I think it'll be VOD at the same time) which is exciting, since it's absolutely terrific. Unless 2011 proves itself an incredible year for horror films - which would be nice, of course - I imagine it's a movie that'll figure into at least that genre-specific countdown in the Pantys next year. I haven't written a review yet - hopefully I'll watch the film again around its release date and force myself to plunk down some thoughts. But until then know it's a worthy viewing choice! Also worthy of your eyes is the film's new poster, which is in one word amazing. In two words fucking amazing!

So creepy! I got this via Glenn at Stale Popcorn who agrees it rocks, so obviously since the two of us agree there's no escaping the truth of it. And the truth will set you free! Huh? I don't know I'm on a lot of cold medicine right now. yes, I'm sick again. Ugh. What was I talking about? Right, that poster. Like.

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