Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Know How You Feel, Horse

I want you to be prepared: what you're about to read is probably the best thing you've read in ages. It will find a spot inside your brain, carve our a place, and live there forever. Via the always dynamic Fassinating Fassbender blog comes this moving remembrance from Mia Wasikowska on her filming experience with Michael Fassbender on the set of Jane Eyre:

“All I remember is that whenever my costar Michael Fassbender hopped on the horse, it would get a huge erection,” Mia said.

“The poor horse was just…really happy! And they had to keep running him around the block every time Michael hopped on him. So that kind of stalled our day of filming. The thing was just…dangling!"

As if the horse had a choice. Michael Fassbender jumps on you and starts bucking his snug britches back and forth, what are you supposed to do? At least now I have something to break the ice with if I kidnap Fassy and strap him to a saddle I mean if I ever happen upon him on the street and want to say a polite hello.

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