Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Am Link

--- Richie Roth - Well now here's a news-story designed to tickle my fancies - Richard Kelly is directing and Eli Roth is producing a "contemporary thriller" called Corpus Christi about a mentally-unstable Iraq war veteran that makes strange friends with his supermarket-chain- owning boss. Variety sells it as a more "traditional" film for Kelly, but I'm sure he'll find some way to inject nose-bleeds or water-tunnels into it. He always does, bless his wacky self. A co-worker of mine brought up The Box just the other day and I do feel as if I oughta watch it again. God I hated it, but maybe like with Southland Tales it'll be better with a second viewing? I doubt it. Anyway Eli and Richie making movies together! There's an entire storage space in my brain devoted to slash-fic between these two so this'll work out well for me at least!

--- Selling the Spooks - A couple of horror movie trailers to take a look at - first up here's the trailer for the Korean serial-killer thriller I Saw the Devil, which I've been telling you is something you wanna keep an eye out for. It is! It really is.

And secondly here's the trailer for James Wan's Insiduous. I haven't watched it yet but I was just saying last night how conflicted I am about this movie. Everything I've seen from Wan so far - Saw, Death Sentence, Dead Silence - has been terrible. To not mince words, I think his movies are terrible and he has no talent. That said this is a horror movie starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Barbara Hershey! Dude! Conflicted.

--- Murders & Executions - Scorsese and DiCaprio are going to reunite again to that Wolf of Wall Street movie about a bad bad stock market dude, but first Marty's going to make something called Silence, a so-called "Jesuit-drama" that had Daniel Day-Lewis attached at one point. I'm sure DDL's already sequestered himself in a monastery for months of preparation.

--- The Golden King - If you've been following the slight drama over who's directing Xerxes, the sequel to 300, these past couple of days - Zach Snyder's a no go because Superman's already in trouble! - then you'll want to know that Guy Ritchie is not taking the job. Anyway all Xerxes makes me think of is a cat talking to you while you're rolling and Rodrigo Santoro's spangled panties, so I'm too distracted to pay much attention.

--- Super Space Cowboys - After he's done with X-Men Muppet Babies, director Matthew Vaughn is going to make The Golden Age, an opposite-end-of-the-super-spectrum companion piece to his Kick-Ass I guess, about superheroes coming out of retirement. He just loves them super-people, don't he? Anyway he wants Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty for the leads. Mmm good luck with that Matty. Although looking at the cast he cooked up for X-Men I guess I shouldn't doubt the skills of his casting couch.

--- Two For Trade - Scott McNairy, the hipster dude in Monsters, and Ben Mendelsohn, big-time creep in Animal Kingdom, have joined the cast of Cogan's Trade, the next film from The Assassination of Jesse James and Chopper director Andrew Dominik, which is already set to star Brad Pitt. Sounds good to me. McNairy's up for a part in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer too. He'd make a good vampire.

--- Mis-Staked - Michael Stephenson, the kid-actor in Troll 2 who went on to make the already classic doc Best Worst Movie about that film, has done and gone and landed himself a fiction gig and it sounds like a blast - it's called Destroy and it's about a delusional fellow who fancies himself a vampire hunter but unfortunately for the old dudes he's staking as he makes his way across Europe he lives in a world without vampires. Whoopsie murder!

--- Go Westeros - I'll probably never play this game since it's for PCs but I get a giddy thrill outta seeing places from A Song of Ice and Fire brought to life this way all the same - io9's got some screengrabs from the new game based off the books.

--- Love PTA Style - Ooh how'd I miss this until now - Kim Morgan wrote up a piece on Punch-Drunk Love for Valentine's Day!

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