Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

...joining the party with Justin Theroux and John Krasinski.
(via) Oh wait, Billy Crudup beat me to it! Damn him!

He's always doing this sort of thing. But you know, seeing these three lovely chaps there all standing next to each other makes me realize we haven't done a Do Dump or Marry in awhile have we? Well let's get on that!

Which of these three guys would you do (spend one night of torrid bliss with), which would you dump (hit the road, jack), and which would you marry (spend a lifetime of torrid blisses with)? And you can click on any of their names there for reams of photos if you need help deciding. Although that might not help, it might make it harder. More difficult, that is. On that note, answer in the comments!


Heather said...

Do - Justin He's just dangerous sexy
Dump - John He does nothing for me
Marry - Billy

Dave said...

Do Billy, 'cause he's hot but he's a right cad and I don't want him dumping me for Claire Danes. Marry John because his face is just so odd and adorable, I'd just stare at him all the live-long day.

And dump Justin. Nothing against the man, although to be honest I'd rather have his brother. He'd take me to all sorts of weird uncomfortable places.

Jason Adams said...

I have no idea who Justin Theroux's brother is! How is that possible? IMDb says he has a brother named Sebastian - is that who you mean?

John said...

I'd do all 3 of them, ooh a 3-way. Wait maybe not Billy.

billybil said...

Do Justin - based on the picture of the 3 of them and the way his mouth is all over John's chin.

Marry John - he's so charming and would take nice care of me. And he's so funny, in a subtle kind of way.

Dump Billy - but he's a CLOSE runner up for doing.

Glenn said...

Do Justin because... rowr, obviously.
Dump Billy because... eh.
Marry John because... just look at him! You know he'd treat ya right!

Anonymous said...

Do Billy (even if he's the hottest of the three and we'd like to keep tapping that for a long time, but the whole Claire Danes thing was too much), dump John and marry Justin.

* Maybe Dave is talking about Louis Theroux (who I believe is Justin's cousin)? Who has (had?) that amazing "Weird Weekend" documentary series in the BBC (where he does take you to weird uncomfortable places: picking up thai brides, a jail for paedophiles, and so on). If he was avaliable he's also the one I would marry (he's funny, smart and very cute, even if he's a bit of an asshole from time to time in the show).

Collected Musings said...
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Joe Reid said...

Oh, this took some thinking. Originally, I was doing Justin, reluctantly dumping John, and marrying Billy, who has been my sweet baboo longer than I can remember.

But after much thinking, I'm finally giving in. While I've agree to pretend the Claire Danes thing never happened (the better to remain friends with both Billy and MLP), I can't enter into marriage with my eyes closed.

So: do Billy (yummers), dump Justin, and marry Krasinski, my adorable Polack.

sparky2379 said...

Do- Justin Theroux. He looks like a nasty good time.

Dump- Billy Crudup. Before he dumped me for Claire Danes.

Marry- John Krasinski. Forever and ever.

maja said...

do- billy
dump- john (cutie pie, and i don't go for cutie pies). can we be friends, though?
marry- justin

Derreck said...

Do - John. Who doesn't like a quickie?

Dump - I'm sure he's nice but he's just not good enough compared to the rest of the guys.

Marry - Justin. Oh, hell yeah. Dude is a writer, and is ALWAYS in kickass shape (Charlie's Angels 2, Six Feet Under, etc.)

seasondays said...


DuchessKitty said...

I was surprised how tough this was for me. I changed my mind a lot.

Do: John
Dump: Billy (but keep his number in my phone to call him for coffee dates)
Marry: Justin

Prospero said...

Do Billy
Dump Justin
Marry John

Anonymous said...

do - justin
dump - billy
marry - john (Only if he acts like Jim though whole time. I can make him do that, right?)

John T said...

This is easy for me:

Do-Justin (who seems like he'd be good for one night, but hard to keep hold of for more than one)

Dump-Billy (while wearing a Team Claire shirt)

Marry-John (in fact, if you had a list of all celebrities, I'd probably still go with Marry John Krasinski, give or take James Franco).

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Do Justin. Too freaky to stay with, but not too freaky to play with.

Marry John. Husband material if I ever saw it.

Dump Billy. Because he dumped Mary Louise Parker. And that's just nutty.