Monday, January 31, 2011

TGT10: Actor to Actress #2

As mentioned in this year's introduction to the Pantys, we're celebrating our favorite performances of 2010 a little bit differently. Instead of just telling you who my favorite performances of the year were, I tossed the names of my favorite 10 male performances and my favorite 10 female performances into a hat, pulled out one of each sex at random, and am now going to imagine what the hell the two characters these actors so indelibly portrayed would have to say to one another if they ever met. Because why not? Here's our second pair. I give you an imagined moment of chatter between...

Carlos' Carlos (Édgar Ramírez)
& Animal Kingdom's Smurf (Jackie Weaver)

Smurf: Come on sweetie, give us a kiss.
Carlos: I just shot someone in the face seven times
but you are kind of creeping me out, tiny lady.
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