Friday, January 21, 2011

Slipping Outta Skin

These sneaked by me the other week, apparently. I posted one creepy picture from Pedro Almodóvar's next movie The Skin I Live In where he's reuniting with Antonio Banderas, but there were three more behind-the-scenes ones that showed up. Here they are (via):

Antonio looks better than he has in awhile I think, right? And it's stupid exciting to see Pedro and Antonio together. But wtf is that last picture? Well anyway I can't wait. The film's opening at Cannes; we probably won't see it til the end of the year. Oh and via The Playlist we already have word on what Almodóvar's planning on next!

"According to several reports that have been circling for a while, Almodovar’s next project will be a biopic titled “Mina” about the life of the Italian singer of the same name. Based on a novel by Paolo Limiti—who worked a lyricist for Mina—the film is set to depict the life of talented singer who stirred up controversy when she had a child with a married man, forcing her to withdraw from the public eye in the late 1970s.

... “Mina” is expected to feature Almodavar veteran, Marisa Paredes (“All About My Mother”, “Talk to Her”, “The Skin I Live In”) in the lead as the controversial musician."

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