Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mike Vogel's Blue Moon

As I've hinted to a couple of times now I am working on my awards for 2010. It's coming along incredibly slowly though, so I do hope none of you have decided to hold your breath or chain yourself to anything in protest of the delay, because you will most assuredly be very, very dead by the time they're ready. But I was making the list for the year's best gratuities the other day - speaking of, I am only one man so if any of you have favorites that you think I might possibly forget, you can use the comments here to remind me - and this scene, which I couldn't help myself and made mention of in my review of Blue Valentine, was one of the first ones to spring to mind. (Right, mind.)

I love it for a couple of reasons - first off, it's Mike Vogel. Mike Vogel! He and his ass-crack should be in every single movie. And second, while I want as much Mike as I can get, there's something very sexy and very real about how little of him we actually see here. And was ith everything in this film, it works from the points of view of both characters - Mike Vogel's character would not be the type to bother getting out of his pants for sex, and if I were Michelle Williams' character I know I wouldn't have the patience to let him get out of his pants. He's Mike Vogel! Anyway I've been holding my own breath and chaining myself to my radiator waiting for these to finally show up online; all thanks to here for them.

It might not look like much, but it's something special in motion. See the movie! It's wonderful, plus this. How can you go wrong? And here's some bonus Ryan Gosling butt in the movie, just because. Before you ask yes, this is the only Gosling nudity in the movie. How that's possible I do not know. At least he gave us what he gave us in All Good Things in 2010.



Derreck said...

Is it only movies? because Alexander Skarsgaard (?) made my heart smile when he lost his pants for an ep in last season's True Blood.

Bryan said...

wsI can't stop staring at Ryan's butt! That is surely one for the ages (a la Phillippe's in Cruel Intentions...)

Anonymous said...

Its duck meat! WOOF