Monday, January 31, 2011

I Am Link

I'm trying - and failing, natch - to not spread myself too thin this week, what with The Pantys in full swing right now, but there is other news happening in movie-dom besides my overblown estimations of my opinions so here's some links.

--- First off a pair of posters - That to the left is the poster for Kristen Wiig's lady-centric Apatow-produced comedy Bridemaids (via), and to the right is the official poster for Scream 4 (via).

--- It's Good to be Prime
- Ooh I knew having an Amazon prime account was worthwhile! Rumors are floating that they're going to start offering up a streaming movie service a la Netflix if you have Amazon Prime. Because I don't already have access to more movies than I could ever possibly watch.

--- What the Shoggoth - io9 lists ten amazing things they learned about Guillermo Del Toro and his monsters from a recent piece on him the The New Yorker. His explanation of trying to visualize a Shoggoth for At the Mountains of Madness is captivating.

--- Tappin' Cappy - A couple new looks at Chris Evans in his Captain America costume are over at Slash. We really need this trailer already.

--- Hot Dog - And here are a couple new pics of Brandon Routh in that Dylan Dog movie that will probably never come out here, but he still looks good in.

--- Beastly to Battle and Beyond - If you're curious about the movies coming out soon, Joe's got the info in his latest Preview of Coming Attractions post.

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