Monday, January 10, 2011

I Am Link

--- Raptor Rejection - For a skinny minute it seemed Universal was pulling a super secret spy mission by shooting some Jurassic Park 4 on a lot at their Floridia theme-park... but no such luck, says SYTD you got word from the studio themselves. Nasty dino-lovers-baiting pranksters!

--- Toto Too - Gregory Maguire's book Wicked is being turned into a miniseries for ABC. I liked the book well enough; surprising no one I never got around to seeing the musical. But if they were making the musical even I would've been holding my breath hoping for some Kristen Chenoweth love.

--- Super X - Slash seems to think we might get a trailer of sorts for the X-Men Muppet Babies movie during the Super Bowl, which is what, next month or something? I have no idea. But a glance of Mutant Fassy could get me to watch.

--- The Magic Word Is - Paul Reubens gave a little new info on where his Pee Wee movie with Judd Apatow stands - they're working on the script, and it's a road movie - as well as that other second Pee Wee movie he's talked about, that's supposed to be "darker" - that one's stalled, it seems. Hey if we can get one I'll be happy.

--- Fit to be Framed - I love to read what Glenn has to say on movie poster design at Stale Popcorn, so it's always a treat when the time of the year rolls around where we get his year in review. A treat! The first part's been posted, in which he gives out some amusing awards to those posters of 2010 that are deserving of love and of scorn and of both simultaneously.

--- Two Weeks, Two Weeks - DH has a couple of tidbits from the producer of the Total Recall remake - it will not be shot in 3D! It definitely stars Colin Farrell! And like the book it will never actually go to Mars. No word on three-titted midget hookers though.

--- Fraida No - Speaking of projects that've been in development since I was just sprouting boy fuzz, Bill Murray is apparently looking at the script for Ghostbusters 3 now, says director Ivan Reitman. Mmhmm.

--- A Necrophile Sorta Way - Guy Woodhouse is more than just a DILF. He's a straight-up Devil DILF! That's a sweet-ass category all its own. What are you talking about, Guy's eyes are normal......

--- Chili Sizzles - Part Three of Stacie Ponder's terrific cartoon rendering of the deaths of the Friday the 13th series has been posted. I see a crotch stab!

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