Friday, January 07, 2011

I Am Link

--- Katniss Is Mine - I'm starting to feel protective about The Hunger Games in one of those "I was there before you, it's mine!" sorts of ways, which of course is silly and foolish and TRUE. But now everybody's a fan and flying through the books in the span of a couple of days and I remember having to wait a year or more between each book and also walking uphill both ways to school in sleet and snow and also surviving cholera, so I win.

Point being EW is on top of the upcoming movie adaptation like white on rice and has another bit o' chat with director Gary Ross in their new issue, which you can read some or all of at this link. Be forewarned of a large spoiler for the first book in there. He tells an amusing story of how, when he got the job, a classroom of 12 year olds that sent him letters - at the instigation of their geeky teacher - telling him what he's got to get right for the movie versions, and how one horny boy demanded Megan Fox play Katniss. Lawdy.

--- Once a Lannister - Speaking of things I'm an unrepentant nerd about - do we speak of other things here? - EW also has a look at fifteen minutes of footage from Game of Thrones, HBO's adaptation of the first book in George R. R. Martin's fantasy series. They don't actually have to footage to share, that is, but they do describe it. "The things I do for love," is apparently included! I can't wait for some naked Nicholaj Coster-Waldau, yo.

--- Year in Geek - And speaking of geeky sci-fi slash fantasy junk, io9 has a list of all the items that fall under that broad umbrella coming out in 2011.

--- Isn't It Rich - No big surprise that Rich at fourfour and I shared some loves this past year - we usually do - here's his take on the wonderful Troll 2 doc Best Worst Movie (including the incredible catch of a cameo from an ANTM contestant that I adored once upon a time) and here's his take on the apparently awesome DVD commentaries on the must be seen and seen again Tiffany-fanatic documentary I Think We're Alone Now. Brilliant.

--- MVPs To Be - At Low Resolution Joe takes a look at the performances in 2011 he's most looking forward to the other day, and remarks upon a bevy of beautiful lads ranging from Chris Evans to Michael Fassbender to Garrett Hedlund and I got dizzy about halfway through.

--- Oh Pawnee - You know what needs to start already? The third season of Parks & Rec. I need and want it both! Now! PopWrap's got a sneak at it to momentarily sate the hunger.

--- Third Dimension Gondry - I've gotten so used to 3D being shoved in my face as a selling point I don't think I'd even noticed that The Green Hornet was in 3D, but now that it's getting reviewed and everybody's saying, "Hey, Michel Gondry does awesome stuff with 3D!" I feel like a fool for not putting those two together and realizing he would make 3D awesome, wouldn't he?

--- Knocked Down - A couple of words of advice to Judd Apatow, because obviously I know something about muklti-million dollar comedy success and should be listened to - I like your wife! I do. Leslie Mann's a gem, really. And Paul Rudd, duh, is the man. So I'm down with you giving their characters from Knocked Up their own movie. But if this movie is three hours long or features a single second of home-movies featuring your children, I am done with you. Done!

--- How Many Hobbits
- I guess Frodo aka Elijah Wood might make an appearance in The Hobbit movies, is a rumor. Doesn't it seem like everyone who was in the Lord of the Rings movies is gonna make an appearance, according to rumor? But if Peter Jackson doesn't cram in Tom Bombadil this time, I swear!

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