Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Morning, World


Knowing full well what they're doing, whatever the hell network White Collar is on released these images of a shirtless Matty Bomer from tonight's episode to lure us into viewing their show. (USA! It's on USA.) As if my DVR hasn't been set for the show since the beginning in an effort to capture just such moments.

Anyway! Good morning, everyone. How about those Oscar nominations? I used their announcement this morning, which every year come at the exact instant when I'm supposed to leave for the office, as a way to stay indoors a little while longer while it snowed outside. Two birds, what have you.

I have no idea really beyond the people that've been snatching up awards for the past couple of months - Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, The Social Network - who was meant to get what, so maybe everybody knew that Dogtooth was getting a Foreign Film nod, or Michelle Williams was getting an Actress nomination, or John Hawkes was getting a Supporting Actor nod, or that Jacki Weaver had a real shot at getting her name in there, but those were the ones that made me squeal the loudest with happiness. What about y'all?

And save Tom Hooper - The King's Speech is a perfectly fine film, well-made, but it excites nothing inside of me at all - that list of directors is just one giant boner. Just a few short years ago who'd have thunk that the director of Requiem For a Dream and the director of Fight Club and the directors of Barton Fink and the director of Ffffffffffffuckabees! would be fighting for a little gold man? That shit is crazy.

As a sidenote, I'm rambling now about this because I am really for real hard at work, nose deep, in the 2010 Pantys right now, and will be diving right back in once I vomit out these here words. Hence it being relatively quiet yesterday; it's probably going to be a semi-quiet week. And if everything goes according to plan I'm gonna try and start 'em up this upcoming Monday, January 31st. Wish me luck - making lists is hard on my fragile sense of disorder, ya know.


maja said...

the absence of andrew garfield for best supporting role for his tremendous work in "the social network" is beyond me. i was certain about that nomination.

SVG said...

Tom Hooper in that director's lineup is soooo ominous- I'm afraid they'll go for him!