Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eyeing Eagle


IMDb has that shirtless chap on the left in that picture from The Eagle identified as Channing Tatum but I'm pretty sure that's his slave-boy Jamie Bell right? They'd released this picture of a shirtless Bell previously which makes me think so, but it's awfully hard to tell.

Anyway there's a new shirtless picture of Jamie Bell or Channing Tatum, either way is win. The Eagle (formerly The Eagle of the Ninth which was such a better more memorable title) is out in just a couple of weeks and I haven't heard much about it - if nothing else it's gotta be good for some homoerotica ain't it? I mean, that trailer!

The basic premise of the story - the development of a bond between a Roman soldier and his boy-slave - being filtered through two such very pretty boys in the parts basically guarantees some level of the gay. Hopefully they will embrace it. And each other.



J.D. said...

That's definitely Bell.

And I definitely have a boner.

San Francisco party rentals said...

Yeah, thats Bell for sure. You can tell from the side view.

billybil said...

Yeah - why can't they explore a relationship similar to the Bagoas/Alexander the Great relationship Mary Renault wrote about in THE PERSIAN BOY?

I think Channing and Bell seem perfect for such a film!

Glenn said...

I'd recognise My Jamie anywhere and that's definitely him.