Friday, January 28, 2011

Capeless Kretschmann


It's been a full week - hell, maybe even longer? - since Thomas Kretschmann was on The Cape and I still haven't posted the shots of him on the show sans shirt, can you believe that? Thomas Kretschmann was shirtless on an American television program and I've ignored it! The shame. Well in my defense as you can see here it wasn't exactly all it could slash should have been. TK skin should be epic! This is mostly dingy and dark and depressing. The shame lay with them!



vagueasmeatloaf said...

There is never enough love for your Kretschmann posts - a Google search for that name is what first brought me to your site. I have checked back pretty much daily because of the other gorgeous guys, and also your funny-making and movie recs ([REC] was awesome, for one) - but really, thank you for realizing how insanely hot he is, and paying tribute to that.

Maureen said...

Hello..Once again brilliant and funny..thanks for sharing..been waiting for you to comment..Love the blog..& Happy Sunday :)

MARLO said...

ahaha youve done it again! Now this time this my baby tommy kretshcamnn. This man is so fine thanks!