Thursday, December 02, 2010


Why do they have to go and ruin my excitement? I'm all gleefully reading the news of Paul Thomas Anderson's perhaps-next-project - any news on him doing anything is good news, because the fucker doesn't make enough movies and his last one fell apart - an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's final book called Inherent Vice, but then they have to summon the Downey name and send a cartoon raincloud into the space over my head. Via Vulture:

"Paul Thomas Anderson wants to adapt Thomas Pynchon's 2009 novel Inherent Vice — about Larry "Doc" Sportello, a pothead private eye wandering through the Summer (and winter) of Love in 1969 Los Angeles — into his sixth feature film.

... It’s unclear how far Anderson has gotten with it, but several well-placed insiders say they've heard he's writing a treatment and may have already started on a script.

One source familiar with the project said that Anderson’s agency, Creative Artists, has been pondering the idea of trying to attach Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Sportello, but another source cautions there’s no official Downey involvement yet and, in any event, Downey’s schedule is so full he wouldn’t available to shoot anything until November 2011 at the earliest. Still, at the rate Anderson works — his last film was 2007’s There Will Be Blood — that timing might just work out perfectly."

Oh fingers crossed! Ugh, no. PTA knows better! He doesn't want to work with that awful ham. Please tell me he doesn't. Please. I just dodged him getting his paws on Cuarón, I can't take him spoiling everything I'm excited about anymore! I can't take it! I'll snap, I swear it!


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MattyD. said...

When I remember how much you detest RDJ it makes me SO happy JA. My reaction to that news was exactly the same: excitement followed by EXTREME DISGUST. When will he leeeeave?!

Rob K. said...

Total complete agreeance with JA and MattyD. Down with RDJ!