Thursday, December 09, 2010

Perhaps More Pacey Underpants


Can't even believe I never capped the brief (hardy har) moment of Joshua Jackson traipsing about in his underpants on Fringe the other week. Can't fathom it! So there those are, along with a note that Pacey's got nice gams, as well as my weekly stern warning for all y'all to watch the goddamn show, or else. You won't like the blanks I will fill in there in that last part if forced to.

Tonight's is the last episode before break, and when the show returns in January it will be on Friday nights. And apparently the title of the first Friday Night Death Slot episode is "Firefly," aka the name of another sci-fi geek favorite that died a painful death on FOX's Friday night schedule. So that's a harbinger of lightness and joy!

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