Monday, December 06, 2010

The Moment I Fell For... Winona Ryder

Lydia: [writing a suicide note] I am alone.
[throws paper away and starts over]
I am utterly alone.
I have a surprisingly vivid memory of going to see Beetle Juice in the theater. We didn't have a movie theater in my tiny hometown so going to see something at the movies at this point was still kind of a big deal, and I have all these snatches of memories from this outing. My Mom took me with her creepy boyfriend at the time, and we went all the way to the theater at the mall in the city! It was a big deal, y'all. Trust.

Anyway it seems weird to me that this was the first place I ever saw Winona, but looking at her filmography it definitely was (I'm pretty sure I've never seen Lucas). And for some reason I've always been able to quote the entirety of her suicide speech here. I don't know why, but it must've appealed - as did the entire film, obviously - to my morbid, melancholy, hormonally-melodramatic, approaching-teenage self.

"Having jumped.... [scratch] ... having PLUMMETED...
off of the Winter River Bridge."


Scott said...

Stop what you're doing and see Lucas right now. it's one of the sweetest, most heartbreaking movies you'll ever see.

Audrey said...

Also read Ebert's four-star review.

Scott said...

right on Audrey! i forgot he gave a shout-out to Corey Haim when he passed away and referenced how much he loved this movie!

timothy grant said...

Lucas was the moment I fell for Winona Ryder. Heathers and Beetlejuice just calcified the love.

Anonymous said...

The moment I fell for Rose McGowan. Stat!