Thursday, December 09, 2010

James Sal James


I simultaneously feel as if I should apologize for this place turning into James Franco World this week and celebrate it at the same time since I love him so and all this ridiculous news has been a joy to wallow in. But it is what it is, y'all. it is what it is. Like this news, that he's developing a Sal Mineo project. He says it's not for him to star in but for him to perhaps write and/or direct. He's already played James Dean, of course. What I think is he ought to make it a film about the behind-the-scenes of Rebel Without a Cause, star in it as Mineo and Dean, and write a whole bunch of sex scenes for his two characters to have together. He's already shown a predilection this week for making out with his own reflection; this would be just taking it to the next glorious level.

I've never paid attention to the stories though - is anything supposed to have happened between Dean and Mineo? They had an awful lot of chemistry, that's for sure. I was just looking through a photography book last night that had pictures of Mineo and his boyfriend (who looked like his twin- it was weird) so he was on my mind this week even before this news.



Adam said...

I reviewed the book Franco optioned for Library Journal. It's fantastic.

Leneten said...

I totally agree with a movie about the behind the scenes with sex scenes for Dean and Mineo!! I love both and I ship them.
Regarding to your question, Sal was in love with Dean. Dean, probably, also had feelings for Sal. Nick Ray said: "I could see they (James Dean and Sal Mineo) were falling in love with each other, but I did nothing to stop or discourage it because it was helping the film tremendously"
However, Sal said he was too young to understand his feelings for Jimmy at time.“I couldn't understand,” he said later, “couldn't comprehend what was happening. Something was happening to me. I had no idea or any understanding of affection between men. And for the first time I felt something strong."
On the other hand, Sal supposedly, said to Boze Hadleigh: " I might tell you some people I had affairs with- maybe. But Jimmy was special, so I don't want to say." But I don't know if Boze is credible.
Dean also asked to George Stevens to put Sal in Giant because "Sal had the look of the angels". If Dean had lived, they would working together again in Somebody Up There Likes Me (Dean as Rocky and Sal as Romolo - his best friend).Dean also lobbied for the role of Jocko (the lead) in Strange One,which included a gay character who had a crush on the lead . Dean gave the play to Sal and encouraged him to read for a role of the young man infatuated with the lead.
So, as Dean died shortly after (even before the release of Rebel), their love may have bee platonic. But no doubt that if they had lived, they would had an affair. I would like if they would settle down with each other. Best couple ever.

Leneten said...

Look at those gifs!!

And the screen test: