Friday, December 03, 2010

I Am Link

--- Viva Life - Some new pictures from Malick's Tree of Life are over at Slash, along with some info on what to expect from the trailer, which is attached to Black Swan this weekend. I can't even remember if this film has a release date now, does it? Slash's article doesn't mention one that I can see and it changed so much for months and months and god I'm too lazy to look it up right now. Still thinking about Nick Jonas' ass, I guess.

--- Viva Tron - As with most things Harry Knowles writes I could only skim this but here's his Tron: Legacy review. It's positive, not that anyone's surprised by that. I'm looking forward to Daft Punk's soundtrack more than I am the movie really, but this does appear to be one to splurge on the IMAX for sure.

--- Viva Vogel - Adam's restarted his countdown of all the Chainsaw Nightmare Friday & Halloween movies over at Club Silencio and hooray for that and double hooray for it giving me an excuse to post a picture of Mike Vogel in 2003's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So sweaty and hot.

--- Viva Monsters - Haven't read this myself yet but Glenn at Stale Popcorn has a lot to say on Monsters and I have no doubt it'll be worth reading. Even though I had a more reserved reaction to the film myself I was really happy to see the NBR give the film love yesterday, if only because of my genre-devotion (even if the film's not about tentacled Lovecraftian beasties in the end, it's still got tentacled Lovecraftian beasties in it).

--- Viva Renner - Jeremy Renner wants you to know he's not playing Snake Plissken and he's not hunting witches with Hansel or Gretel and he'd totally blow Paul Thomas Anderson for hours and hours if given the chance. Get to the back of the line, buddy.

--- And finally, viva Fringe motherfuckers.

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