Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Am Link

--- My Boy Jack - I think that Slash used old pictures of the four young men up for the role of Jack in Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer on purpose, and I find it really funny because... well, Bryan Singer's rumored tendency towards younger looking chaps, honestly. That picture of Aaron Johnson makes him look 11! Which is probably why he's up for the role, is my point. The picture they used of Nic Hoult's the same deal. Scamps. Anyway neither of them look like that anymore, that's for sure.

--- Da Woodster - It's Woody Allen's 75th birthday today, and you should read Nat's piece upon that. Happy birthday, Woody! Please make a movie I want to see again soon.

--- Weiner For Charlie - Heather Matarazzo is going to play one of the Manson girls in Manson Girls. I'm a little nervous for her at how perfect that seems to me.

--- Slay Her - So what, Joss passed on the Buffy reboot? He surely knew it was a foul idea. Like the rest of us do, except these moronic money-grubbing producers.

--- Hey Look it's Ben Barnes in a tux.

--- Pro Angie - We don't get to see Angela Bassett nearly enough so I'm happy to see she's joined the cast of This Means War, that movie where Tom Hardy and Chris Pine play super-spies fighting over Reese Witherspoon, but isn't this like the three billionth spy boss she's played in her career? They should can Witherspoon and have them fight over Bassett instead.

--- Crony's Cast - Paul Giametti is in talks to join Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, which I previously talked about here.

--- Funny And Die - Arbo's take on Natali's misunderstood Splice - a movie I liked - has got me hankering to watch it again and allow myself to let the laughter take over. I think he's got something there.

--- Cam Slam - I don't know what Trespass is about but it's directed by Joel Shumacher so it'll probably suck, while simultaneously exploiting Cam Gigandet's body. Plus Nicole Kidman. Okay, I could be down with that. Here are some pictures.

--- No Joke(r) - There will be no CG Heath Ledger in what is now for sure the last Batman movie that Chris Nolan is making, says here.

--- No Room In Hell - Frank Darabont fired all of the writing staff on The Walking Dead yesterday. There's talk he might go with freelancers for the entire second season. Or maybe he'll just wing it! Like I've said the show needs work but I dunno about this path. All the shows I've loved the most have had a sturdy wheelhouse of writers on board keeping the thing in tune. This sounds like chaos. Chaos!

--- Side of Romaine - Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn took a moment to genuflect upon the awesome hotness of Romaine Duris, and oh yeah review a movie or something hey there's shirtless dancing videos!

--- Skin Shiver - Stacie played the lightning round with her opinions on a few horror movies including In My Skin, a movie I've been afraid to watch for ages now. There's not much I won't watch but that one promises to be so intimate in its horrors that it makes, well, my skin crawl and my stomach tumble just thinking about it. Gotta man up!

--- And finally, my friend Mr. Sean T. Collins just launched his online comic called Destructor with Matt Weigle and so far it's a lovely thing to behold. Bookmark it!


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