Thursday, December 09, 2010

Fassy Gotta Get Paid

Somehow amidst all the onslaught of Alien prequel news that's been bubbling up over the past couple of days - like it's going to be called Paradise? Really? No "Alien" in the title at all? - I missed this most important tidbit via Vulture:

"By now, readers of this blog know that Noomi Rapace has been the front-runner for the role of “Elizabeth Shaw,” the film’s main character, but we’ve learned of other parts, too: There's "David," who's actually an android, an earlier version of the Bishop 341-B character that Lance Henriksen famously played in Aliens. We're told that Scott was interested in Michael Fassbender for the part, but that Fassbender's reps had sought such an outrageous amount of money for their client that they — forgive the pun — alienated Scott. Of course, there's still a chance that Fassbender's reps may salvage the talks, but things haven't been going so well."

Oh Fassy, you rapscallion. Of course I think they should throw all the money in the world at him for everything he does, and the man is in demand - by my count he's got five movies coming out in 2011, is that right? - so he can probably afford to play hard. Mmm Fassy playing hard. What was I talking about?

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