Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which Is Hotter?

Another new episode of Fringe tonight you guys! If you're not watching it or if you are watching it and aren't thinking it's the best show on TV right now, you're wrong, and stupid, and I hate your stupid wrong face. On that note onto the query!
I'm assuming that any devotee of Fringe's first instinct will be to immediately reject the notion that the other world's Olivia - aka Fauxlivia Nolivia Bolivia I've-heard-too-many-of-those-livia's - could possibly win your vote versus the one we've spent these past couple of seasons getting close to. Even if our Olive is an emotionless wank she's our emotionless wank, dammit! It's certainly is my first instinct, anyway. So I'll give a couple reasons why Fauxlivia might deserve your vote in her defense. (Spoilers ahead) First off, she laid Pacey while that emotionless wank of a doppelganger couldn't get it up. Secondly she laid that hottie in her own world. Good enough for you? Good enough for me. Okay one more: sassy bangs! The end.


mac20 said...

The answer is Joshua Jackson.

homeslaughter said...

Fauxlivia has the hot boyfriend with the allergy to shirts, that makes her the winner